Finding the Right Health Insurance Plan

With the new Affordable Care Act, health insurance options are numerous and can be overwhelming.  The following information should be helpful as you work through our website. Or call us to set a time to come to our office and speak with one our friendly health care consultants.  We should be able to quickly walk through many of the coverages, providers, and costs.

  1. For easy access, print a copy of this page and then follow this link to Instantly Shop and Compare “off” the Connect for Health Marketplace.
  2. Enter your specific information.  You will instantly generate insurance quotes.
  3. Once the quotes are generated, you can narrow down the options by using the filters on the “Refine Search” button.
  4. The filters you can set are:  Monthly Premiums, Plan Type, Deductible, Your Co-insurance, Effective Date and Carrier.
    • Monthly Premiums – Will allow you to search for all plans that fall within a specific premium range.  This is a good way to search with regards to your budget.
    • Plan Type (HMO, HSA or PPO) – Allows you to pick the type of plans you are interested in comparing.  See Glossary for explanation of these plans.
    • Deductible – This allows you to pick the amount that must be paid before the insurance company begins to share costs with you in the form of Co-Insurance.  Generally, the annual deductible resets at the beginning of every year.
    • Co-Insurance – Your Co-insurance is the amount of expenses you are responsible for paying after the Annual Deductible has been met.  This term refers to sharing expenses with your insurance company until you reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum.  Generally, when this maximum is satisfied, the insurance company will pay 100%.
    • Effective Date – You can search for plans based on the date you desire to start.  As a general rule of thumb us the 1st of the next month as the effective date, in order to maximize the amount of plans available.
    • Carrier – If you know the insurance company you are interest in, and simply want to compare the options – filter by carrier.  Or you can go back to our Home Page and click the appropriate carrier logo.
  5. If keeping your current doctor and health provider is important, please call their office and verify they work with the insurance company you are considering.
  6. If you desire a plan with co-pays for office visits and prescriptions then an HMO, POS or PPO might fit the bill.
  7. If you consider a higher deductible plan that doesn’t offer co-pays, but provides tax advantages then a Health Savings Account may be preferable. (Go link)
  8. Private health insurance is not guaranteed issue, but the plans found in (under the Affordable Care Act) are.  Please keep this in mind while you are searching for the best plan for you. If you choose the path of private insurance, it can take from 2 to 6 weeks for written confirmation or denial.  DO NOT cancel your present plan prior to receiving confirmation.
  9. The easiest way to apply is by clicking on the apply button next to the plan of interest. You will be directed to the carrier’s online application portal.
  10. If at any time you require assistance or would like to speak with a specialist please fill out the contact form or call 303-462-3223 during normal business hours and someone will assist you.  We thank you for using